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Distilling 20 years of experience, we transformed our teachers into animated avatars to create a child-friendly way of teaching what can sometimes be complex coding and design concepts.

Packed with hundreds of lessons, videos, quizzes and challenges along with a sophisticated incentive scheme of points, badges, levels and a sense of mission for our learners, this academy has game-ified the whole process of teaching kids.

Online Academy

Sample Lesson

When we sat down to analyse what the next generation of digital designers needed we recognised they needed creativity, design skills, coding capability, computational thinking and maths. To this end we have created a range of courses to address all of these areas. The courses range from Scratch Programming through to HTML, 3D Modelling to Programming Microbits, Digital Art to Logo Design, Computational Thinking, Maths, Animation and a host of other creative courses

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Our video tutorials can be projected onto the screen for the entire class to do together or the students can be empowered to work through the courses using self paced learning. The school will have it’s own reporting system. This system records what lessons have been completed and each teacher will be able to see how each student is progressing at a glance and the principal can oversee all classes. 

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