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In an instant introduce an IT course to your school. Using our mobile units we serve over 70 schools across Ireland. We supply the teachers, an age appropriate curriculum and a laptop for every student. Choose from one day, one module or all year round.

In Your School


Technology is evolving all the time and Whizzkids staff keep up to date with new advances in technology ensuring the best experience for your students. Your teachers will also have an opportunity to pick up new skills.

WhizzKids will visit your school once a week for 8/10/12 weeks and deliver classes. Laptop provided for each student.

Transition year or Junior Cycle Short Courses are a great opportunity for second level students to explore career options. 

Our TY programme upskills students in the world of multimedia. Designing websites, programming video games and 3D Modelling are some the popular modules we offer that instill skills that can be very rewarding as a creative outlet but also much sought after by employers. 


Whizzkids After-school Clubs are extremely popular with parents and children alike. All we require is a classroom and we will do the rest. We provide the laptops, teachers and of course a fun curriculum to stimulate the kids.


We handle all enquiries, bookings, confirmations directly with parents, so no administrative burden for your school.

Groups are small and are capped at 15. Classes run for 1 hour and are excellent value for money.

After School Clubs

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